Many business sectors are affected by anticorrosion treatments. Check them out below.

Business areas

Mithieux Metal Protect is involved in the anti-corrosion surface treatment of metal parts for various fields of activity.

Among the applications of our customers for which we apply tailor-made solutions to increase the service life of metallic mechanical components:

  • Automobile (and electric car)
  • Electric & electronics
  • Transportation (rail, bicycle, mobility, etc.)
  • Mechanical construction
  • Environment
  • Construction industry
  • Furnishing

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Various external and internal fixings, safety elements (airbag, etc.), chassis, braking systems, door panels, engine mounts, handbrake, engine, steering, clutch, etc.

Electric & electronics

Components of electrical and electronic equipment, switchboards and electrical boxes, switches, fuses. Parts for the fields of connectors, home automation, electromechanics. E-mobility with parts for electric or hybrid vehicles (connectors, fuses, recharging, etc.).

Transportation & mobility

Fasteners for rail transport: components for locomotive, train and rails. Mechanical parts for trucks and urban transport: heavy goods vehicles, buses, trams. Technical parts for cycling, agricultural machinery (tractors, ...) and industrial equipment (lifting gear, ...).

Mechanical construction

Mechanical metal parts for fixing, screws, fittings, for machine tools, industrial or agricultural equipment, robots, ... Technical parts for sports equipment requiring high resistance.

Furnishing & home staging

Fasteners for the manufacture of capital goods in the house: hooks, fittings, screws, nuts, ...

Construction industry

Mechanical metal fastening components for the construction and building industries.