Anticorrosion treatments

Burnishing chemical treatment

The chemical burnishing treatment consists of a superficial oxidation of the steel metal parts in an alkaline medium without extra thickness.

This process allows you to temporarily protect your metal parts with a black cosmetic appearance while respecting the most precise dimensions.


  • An automatic line by immersion in bulk or attached.

Operation of our production lines in 3 x 8.


Automotive, machine tools, tools, sports fasteners, screws, locksmithing, bar turning parts


  • Black cosmetic appearance. A feasibility study must be carried out by our Technical Department depending on the grade considered.
  • No alteration of the functional ribs due to the thickness of the oxide layer (less than one micron) 

Possible finishes

  • Greasy finish included in the process to temporarily avoid weathering and improve the cosmetics of the piece
  • "Technical" dry finish to optimize the corrosion resistance of the deposit in certain specific environments


  • Steels

Additional services

  • Packaging
  • Transportation