Mithieux Metal Protect careers

Mithieux Metal Protect brings together various jobs linked to its activities in the industry of anti-corrosion surface treatment of mechanical metal parts.

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Mithieux Metal Protect has 65 jobs, 23 of which are exclusively dedicated to production. The men and women who make up our teams add value to our company.

Among the various technical professions of Mithieux Metal Protect:

  • Conducteur de ligne automatisée :

The line pilot is in charge of all parts processing. He/she supplies, operates and supervises the installations, monitors the progress of operations. He/she controls the quality of the products and participates in the improvement of production.

  • Production operator:

The production operator has various activities. He/she prepares the parts that will be treated (Attach / Detach). He/she can also assist the titular line pilot and replace him/her during his/her absences.

  • Production manager:

He/she leads and manages his/her team to ensure production. He:She is the guarantor of the mastery of the process and plays a major role in the organization of work. The Production Manager is in contact with all the various departments of the company (Quality, Laboratory, Maintenance etc.).

  • Teammate:

The teammate assists the Production Manager in his/her duties. He/she is in charge of the production flow and ensures business continuity through his/her various tasks.

  • Quality Technician:

He/she is the guarantor of compliance with the quality instructions within the workshop. He/she ensures the consistency of the quality of the parts processed, analyzes non-conformities and coordinates progress plans.

Do not hesitate to consult our vacancies in the News. We regularly recruit people with various skills to enrich our teams!