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Anticorrosion treatments with Mithieux Metal Protect

Nous proposons des traitements électrolytiques (zinc, zinc-nickel, Etain-Zinc) et des traitements chimiques (brunissage).

Reinforce your metal parts

The anticorrosion processes offered by Mithieux Metal Protect are surface coatings by electrolytic and chemical deposits. Our treatments allow you to strengthen your mechanical metal parts, such as industrial fasteners in medium and large series.

Once treated, your technical components will thus better resist corrosion and abrasion or benefit from suitable cosmetics, or meet dimensional technical constraints.

Mithieux Metal Protect processes meet the anticorrosion requirements of the automotive industry, for electrical and electronic applications, transport, mechanical construction, industry related to the environment, construction and furniture.

Electrolyte treatments


Economical process. Excellent ductility of treated metals.
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Zinc Nickel

Excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Compatible with aluminum and alloys.
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Chemical treatments


Temporary protection, black cosmetic appearance with oily finish.
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