Anticorrosion treatments

Tin - Zinc anti-corrosion electrolytic treatment

Tin - Zinc treatment consists of a co-deposit of tin and zinc by eletrolytic way in an alkaline medium without cyanide.

 This breakthrough process offers a unique combination of anti-corrosion properties (> 1000 hours of resistance to salt spray test), electrical conductivity and solderability (very close to those of silver plating). The tin content of the coating is 65 to 85% by mass.


  • An automated line for medium and large series.

  • An automated line for very large series planned for 2023 (E-Volution 2 project, winner of the France 2030 award).


Operation of our production lines 7/7 and 24/24.


Adapted for the development of electromobility with the search for the best technical and economic compromise for very demanding applications (anti-corrosion, electrical conductivity, etc.).

Automotive, energy management and automation, EAB...


  • Excellent corrosion resistance: - > 1000 h RR to NSS test - > 23 cycles GM 14872 test - ...
  • Electrical conductivity comparable to silver (0.011 mΩ/inch²)
  • Very good solderability
  • Excellent deformability
  • Very high throwing power, suitable for parts with complex geometries
  • Compatible with aluminum and its alloys (low potential difference)


Complies with the requirements of the Automotive, Electrical/Electronic and Transportation industries

Possible finishes

  • Cr6-free iridescent passivation ELV / RoHS compliant
  • Organo-mineral finishes (top coat) to meet the requirements of the Automotive Industry:
    • Lubricated
    • Reinforced and lubricated


Application carried out on an automated rework stand

Additional services

  • Degassing
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Possibility of carrying out tests:
    • Salt spray according to NF A 05-109 / D17 1058 standards
    • Thickness measurements by X-ray fluorescence
    • Adhesion tests
    • ...