Modernization of Line T15 zinc nickel

Published on January 28 2022

“Lifting” of the T15 zinc-nickel barrel line thanks to France Relance

As part of our project to modernize our facilities, linked to the France Relance plan from which we benefited, the 1st phase of the project has been completed. 

Our T15 line dedicated specifically to Zinc - Nickel anti-corrosion treatment au tonneau followed a “facelift” and will be even better suited to your requirements and your capacities:

  • New robots
  • New pickling stations
  • New rectifiers
  • New automated unloading system

What are the benefits for our customers?

All of this is the result of collaborative work with our partners which is part of performance and leads to improving and sustaining:

  • The working conditions and ergonomics of our staff
  • The drying process of your parts by allowing us to offer personalized ranges for each part geometry.
  • The quality of the surface treatment
  • Production by reducing the risk of breakdowns

So, do not hesitate to contact us !